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Typical timeline for planning a tour

This page is for current travellers and group organisers that are booked in to travel with Horizons Education Tours. Some of the things that you can do on next pages are:

  • Access your flight schedule.
  • Find links about how to apply for a visa or authorisation to travel for your destination.
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions such as luggage allowances, how to contact home while travelling, where to buy travel insurance and how to access your money.
  • Get the latest ‘Smartraveller’ Advice from the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.
  • Enter your personal information such as dietary requirements & medical conditions for tour & flight bookings.

To log in simply enter the username and password given to you in your group’s first tour update newsletter in the login box in the bottom left of this page. If you have forgotten or don’t yet have your log in information then please contact us to get it!



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